For those who may be interested in making this a whole weekend event we are planning a few things for Friday:

Friday late afternoon we are going to Central for a tour of the school as it is now.  I know the Class of '76 did this last year at their 40th and said it was a great experience.  We are meeting on the front steps at 4 pm on Friday August 11th.

From there we will be going to Rockaway Ave to visit a few of the places that are still there from our Central days, like Ancona Pizza, Mitchell's and Itchans.

Then about 7:30 we will be heading over to:
18 S. Park Ave.
Rockville Centre, NY 11570

(516) 766-2500

AN UPDATE: Saturday night we may go for extra time at the Yacht Club and if we do the BAR will convert to a CASH BAR.
So if you plan on having additional ADULT BEVERAGES please be sure you have cash.

Sunday to be determined.

Either way we are planning a fun reconnecting weekend for all..

Keep checking back for updates....