We mourn the loss of each and every member of the Class of '77 who has left us too soon. 
With each loss, we become a little less whole. 
If you are aware of a classmate we've left off the list below, we apologize for the oversight and ask that you contact us.

First Maiden Last
Stuart    Arce
Michael    Barricelli
William   Benvena
Allen   Brenman
Adelina   Bua
Richard   Burke
Richard   Burns
Karen  Lazazzaro Capobianco
Richard   Carlo
Roy   Carlson
Mickey   Clifford
Edward   Corcoran
Vincent    Delapine
Isabel   Diluccio
John   Finazzo
James   Fisher
Frank   Foto
Charles   Gagneron
Ronald   Greenwood
Gary   Hesselton
Amy   Karan
Gary   Kaszubski
Jeanine   King
Diane   Lauro
William   Lorenzo
Richard    Nagle
Robert   Negrin
Daniel   O'Connor
Barry   Ricca
Peter   Romeo
Marie   Romito
Nancy Kovacs Rositano
Doreen   Rossi
Edward   Ruotolo
Debra Lynn   Siegel
Victor   Silverman
Dennis   Thim
Ronald   Torres
Joyce   Trinkle
John   Van Delft
Christopher   Walsh
Kevin   Wolstein
Walter   Woltman
Steven   Wujcik

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