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Putting together a memorable class reunion is
a difficult task, as well as an expensive one.
So to keep the ticket prices down we ask,
if at all possible, that you consider making
an additional contribution to help defray the
cost... every little bit helps! 
*Please note that we are not a 501c3 organization, so any contribution is not a tax deductible "donation."
To avoid service fees for online transactions, we strongly recommend you mail your contribution by check. You may also contribute via PayPal or Credit Card. However, if you wish to contribute via PayPal, please consider adding an additional $5 to your contribution to cover the service fee. If you contribute via Credit Card, please consider checking off the "box" where you can elect to pay the credit card processing and transaction fees so we will receive 100% of your intended contribution.

To contribute via PayPal or the Myevent.com Credit Card option, please scroll down below the dotted lines and follow the step-by-step instructions.
Please make all checks payable to "VS Central Class Of 1977 40th Reunion". Mail your check to the following address, along with a brief note indicating your name (include Maiden name if applicable), address, and email address.
Mail to:
Peter Pugliese
412 Garden St
Bellmore, NY 11710

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Follow the step-by-step instructions to contribute via Myevent.com Credit Card option:

*Please note we are not a 501c3 organization so any contribution is not a tax deductible "donation."
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